Mercy graduation inspires Abina to pen “Flood Song”

It took Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie several months to write “We Are the World.”

It took members of the band Survivor one day to write “Eye of the Tiger.”

It took Neil Diamond one hour to write “Sweet Caroline.”

It took Jordan Abina 10 minutes to write his band’s newest hit, “Flood Song,” inspired by a Mercy graduation he attended at the Lincoln, Calif. home.

“It’s going to sound like I’m making this up,” Abina said, “but it’s totally true.  I was talking about Mercy that day and went to sleep that night, and God literally put every single word of that song in my heart…I walked from my bed to my office, and 10 minutes later, it was done.”

Abina, a youth pastor at Sunset Christian Center, said he had been leading worship at Mercy for a few months after his church decided to partner with the ministry, but attending graduation was “incredible.  I could barely keep it together.  The stuff that this girl had gone through was just unbelievable…It just rocked my world, and it continues to do so.”

Kingdom Band, which consists of Abina, Chase Merrell, Sean Aspenlind, and a few rotating members, finished recording the song in January and blessed the Mercy girls with copies of their own.

“They loved it so much,” Abina said.  “We get to play it during church, which they attend, and when that song comes on, they are the loudest people ever.  They’ll start cheering, and they’ll sing at the top of their lungs.  It’s a lot of fun.”

But for Abina, nothing compares to leading worship at the California home once a week.

“There’s just such a desperation and a hunger, and I love that.  I would so much rather be around a bunch of people who are really going after the presence of God because they need it,” Abina said.

“Flood Song” was written to reflect that hunger for God’s presence as well, and the journey of a Mercy girl is woven throughout its catchy, up-tempo melody: “In your power, we’re untameable/ In your grace, we’re unshameable/ In your peace, we’re unshakeable/ In your love, we’re unbreakable/ In your hands, we are capable/ Like a flood, you cover us.”

The single just became available for download on iTunes March 19, and Kingdom Band hopes to release an EP including “Flood Song” soon.  They have already found local success — after winning KKFS The Fish’s Battle of the Bands contest, they opened for the Rock and Worship Roadshow tour with MercyMe on March 12.

At that show, they shared the story of “Flood Song” with more than 10,000 fans.  And whether or not the future holds stardom for Kingdom Band, Abina will never forget that story.

“I’ve been in church a long time — my whole life — but nothing shows God’s love like when our church partnered with these people at the Mercy home.  What they’re doing is just —it’s crazy.  It’s awesome,” Abina said.  “God’s love is just incredible.  We want it to keep coming like a flood—fast and powerful.”

To support Kingdom Band, download the single “Flood Song” on iTunes today, and follow them on Facebook ( or Twitter (@kingdomband) for information about their upcoming EP.


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