Traxxas Remote Control Truck Race Draws Fans and Artists Alike

Two friends from New Jersey stood outside the Traxxas ring in the Power Zone with remote controls in their hands, steering tiny monster trucks around a track.

“Oh, come on, man!” John DeSanctis said as Mike Gadlewski’s car collided with his, pushing it into one of the inflatable walls.  A staffer from Traxxas set the truck back on track, shaking his head.

“You guys are worse than kids,” he joked, and the friends chuckled.  A few minutes later, DeSanctis and Gadlewski handed the controls back in, and it was time for cCountry artists to test their driving skills in a remote- control truck race.

Jason Sturgeon, Sean Patrick McGraw and Matt Gary took their trucks for a few practice laps, and Gary seemed to be a natural.  He navigated the truck easily and won a 10-lap race.
Chris Allums, Co-oOwner of Gary’s label, Quarterback Records, was proud of his artist’s victory.  “He had it down,” Allums said.  “Matt Gary is the winner!”

After the race, the artists weren’t quite ready to give up the controls.  They continued navigating the trucks for a while, inviting fans to join them and jumping the trucks off ramps.   Metro Nashville Police Detective Alex Moore, dressed in full uniform, joined in the fun, crashing his truck into Sturgeon’s.

“What’s up with that?  Protect and serve, man!” Sturgeon said in mock anger.

One boy, 9-year-old Jakob Alvarez of San Antonio, Texas, took Gary’s truck for a spin, laughing and screaming with delight when the other trucks crashed.
Traxxas staffer Scott Davis said he wasn’t surprised some children were better at driving the trucks than the artists.  “That’s usually what happens,” he said, crediting video games with improving hand-eye coordination.

Davis said the trucks have been programmed to run slower than usual because the size of the ring is so small, but these trucks can reach 35 miles per hour.  Some of the faster Traxxas models can double that speed.

“They could pass you on the freeway,” he said.  “They’re pretty tough.”

Davis demonstrated some tricks for the crowd, showing off front and back flips.  It didn’t seem to matter if the truck landed on its wheels or its roof — it was still running after each landing.

One of the trucks rocketed off a ramp so fast that it cleared the fence and hit the portable bathrooms on the other side.

Allums spoke for most of the crowd after that particular trick.  “Man, that is bad ass!” he said.  “I want one.”


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