Belmont University

Over the past four years at Belmont, I’ve been very fortunate to write for several student publications, including the Belmont Vision and Explore Magazine. Click the Vision link to see my work for our student newspaper, and scroll down for my articles from Explore.

I also served as a cofounder for the Belmont Journal, an online news source my friends and I created for the campus as a class project. As the site’s music editor, I conducted video interviews with freshman musicians as part of a series called “deBUt Freshman Friday.” You can see more of my video work on my YouTube channel.


Scientific community supports scholarship recipients in more ways than one

Five freshmen received $10,000 scholarships from the National Science Foundation to study underrepresented science fields.  Now that they’re on campus, Belmont’s making sure they have the tools they need to succeed.  (Cover story)

Undergraduate research symposium prepares students for life beyond Belmont

Every year, Belmont showcases the research of students in all majors at the Science Undergraduate Research Symposium.  This year’s keynote speaker was Dr. John Wikswo of Vanderbilt University.

Humanities symposium brings big names, big ideas to campus

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver visited campus in September as part of the English department’s 8th annual humanities symposium.  This year, speakers explored “Nature and the Human Spirit” in keeping with the university’s theme, “Paradise Lost?”

Marsden encourages Belmont to stay true to Christian principles

Dr. George Marsden, noted historian and author of “The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship,” visited Belmont in April to talk with students and faculty about the problems Christian universities face in a secular world.


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