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I’ve mentioned before that it took me a while to get on board with becoming a blogger, mostly because I just never know exactly where to start. So I always figured I’d leave blogging to those who were constantly brimming with original, creative content.

But in a meeting a few weeks ago at the PR firm where I work, our marketing committee was discussing the need for more staff members to write for the company blog, and I found myself volunteering.

The company already had a content calendar, so I figured the part I struggle with most – choosing a topic – was already taken care of. I told the committee I’d write a post about creating a social media strategy. After all, I was in a class devoted entirely to that subject. How hard could it be?

As it turned out, a lot harder than I expected.

For one thing, I wanted this post to be on par with the rest of the blog, and that by itself is a pretty high bar to set. I’ve never worked at a place where everyone on staff is an incredible writer. It’s one of the things I love most about my job, but on the flip side, if I wrote this post half-heartedly, nobody would be fooled by fancy phrases or clever alliteration.

I also realized I would have to really dig in and research this topic if I wanted to turn out anything worth reading. Deirdre Breakenridge’s “Social Media and Public Relations” was a valuable resource, especially since I was already reading it for my social media class. I pulled relevant articles, read blog posts and looked over a social media strategy I had created for one of our clients. Along the way, I checked in with a friend in the office who knew a lot more about social media than I did, and she provided me with some valuable insights and an awesome infographic that ultimately made it in my post.

Finally, as I stared at the blank Word document on my screen, I realized I just had to start writing.

Once I got past that initial block, the post practically wrote itself. I had done enough research that coming up with the tips for creating an effective social media strategy came naturally. Our routing process at work also became a sort of security blanket – everything we write is seen by at least two, usually three other people before it goes out the door, and I knew my coworkers wouldn’t let me post something that wasn’t up to company standards.

When I finally saw my blog published, I realized most of the fears I’d had about blogging were unfounded. And while my hectic schedule still makes it hard to find the time to blog, I now know that once I’ve done my research, writing a blog post isn’t all that different than writing a story or a press release.

P.S. If you want to read the post, here it is. 🙂


About Tara Knott

Tara is a staff associate at McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations. She recently graduated summa cum laude from Belmont University, where she studied journalism and public relations.

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